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Allergy Proof your Childcare Business

With an increasing number of children suffering from food allergies, the impact on childcare providers is significant. An estimated 7% of children have food allergies, which can range from feeling unwell, to instant death as demonstrated by the recent case of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse.

Natasha, who was 15 at the time of her tragic death, had multiple food allergies and after eating a baguette, which had not been fully labelled, had a fatal allergic reaction, resulting in her death. At 15, she took the responsibility of reading the food label carefully before eating the sandwich – even then, that did not help her, as the food label did not display all the ingredients. However, Natasha, like many allergy sufferers, was very careful about what foods she would eat. The same cannot be said of pre-school children.

They have no such fail-safe mechanisms when it comes to putting food (or anything else that fits) in their mouths. They are not at that stage of awareness when it comes to knowing what they can eat, and what will cause them to suffer a server allergic reaction. Consequently, it ends up being the province of parents and childcare providers.

So how can you ensure that you and your staff remain vigilant and up-to-date with the children in your care who have a food allergy?

For most childcare providers, having a detailed record of each child’s dietary requirements is essential and part of the required record keeping protocol. The file can be accessed by staff and it is the responsibility of staff to ensure that they are fully updated. However, if records are kept in a traditional filing system, then you can’t have it to hand. In a busy childcare environment, where all of your attention is taken up with the care of the children, you often have to rely on your memory, which could be fatal. Face it, when we are busy or under pressure, it’s easy to make mistakes. So, relying on memory to determine whether a child can eat that piece of bread or not, is a risk no-one should be willing to take.

What is needed is the technology to have that information to hand, where a child’s records can be accessed instantly– after all, it could be a question of life or death.

With the Kidscovered App, all records are stored on one platform where you can easily access the dietary requirements from your mobile phone. No fuss, no stress, just reassurance about keeping a child safe. Plus, parents can update the dietary requirements at any time, keeping you in the loop.

What better way to take care of children, their parents and your staff
Food allergies among children is on the increased, but that needn’t be a problem, as you can get that covered with the Kidscovered App.

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