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Appgrade Your Childcare Safeguarding Procedures

There’s no getting away from Ofsted if you’re a childcare provider. It is a huge source of concern whether you’re an experienced provider that’s been around for some time, or if you’re new to the market.

Firstly, every childcare provider wants to ensure that the children they care for are safe, happy and healthy. With high profile cases such as Baby P making the headlines in recent years, safeguarding has become even more rigorous than ever.

As a childcare provider, it is your responsibility to ensure that you and your staff, if you’re a Nursery, are familiar with Ofsted’s Safeguarding policies and procedures. In particular, keeping children safe from abuse, neglect and exploitation. It is every childcare providers’ nightmare and an area they cannot afford to slip up on. The stakes are just too high.

So, when it comes to safeguarding, whether you’re an individual childminder or Nursery, your Safeguarding policy needs to clearly state how you will ensure that your organisation meets the Ofsted Safeguarding policy. The three areas you’re expected to cover are:

• A statement that indicates that your organisation is committed to protecting children;
• What your organisation will do to ensure that children are kept safe and to deal with any concerns they might have;
• A list of supporting procedures that will support your policy.

And it is in the list of procedures that many an organisation has found its weakest link. Without a strong infrastructure in place, carrying out this list of procedures robustly and consistently in a busy environment can be challenging.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult. One of the best ways to ensure that you have a robust system in place is to consider widening the net of people involved in creating your policy, which should include parents. After all, who better to help you safeguard their child? Also, make sure that your risk assessment takes into account every possible scenario – the more you can think of that can go wrong, the more robust and secure your policy and your service will be.

Once your policy has been written and you’ve thought of every scenario under the sun, moon and stars, the next challenge is considering how you’re going to implement all of these procedures, consistently. Of course, this is partly down to training, but it is also about having an easy, efficient system in place, which is where the app technology of the Kidscovered App can play a key role.

With a minimal investment of £1.20 per child, you can incorporate a fully encrypted and protected system that provides you with real-time child alerts, staffing, ratios, registers and daily diaries, keeping everyone in the loop and meeting the necessary Safeguarding procedures that help you focus on what you love to do most – providing a safe, happy and healthy environment for children.

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