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Get Your Childcare Business Organised

For many childcare providers, the start of a New Year can be an exciting time. It is a great time to implement new ideas, as well as an opportunity for a fresh start.

Whether you’re looking to expand on your services, or simply looking to reshape the structure of your childcare business, getting organised is the key to success. And, with the Kids Covered App, getting organised couldn’t be easier.

Our new innovative app is designed to make your life and the life of parents easier. That’s because it was designed by a parent whose understanding of the issues facing parents and childcare providers is based on first hand-experience. Consequently, the app is designed to save you and parents time, accurately calculate payments, including vouchers, and centralise your paperwork.

Its innovative technology and features means you no longer have to chase payments or spend hours calculating them, especially with the additional complication of the voucher system. Instead of chasing payment for unpaid fees, the app is designed so that parents have to pre-pay for the sessions their child is booked in for.

It’s also great for parents too. Once you sign up for the app, you can invite parents to join and begin booking sessions right-away. This means that parents can do this at their convenience. And with the app’s real-time child alerts feature, parents can relax, reassured that their child is safe and looked-after.

If you’re really committed to getting organised in 2019 and providing excellent customer service, then becoming an early adopter of the Kids Covered App is an effective way to take the time-consuming paperwork off you and focus your attention on the children in your care.

Sign up for the Kids Covered App and organise your childcare business to be more effective, efficient and successful in 2019.

Simple go to Kids Covered App. With an affordable charge of £1.20 per booking, per child, you will be soome the Parents best Childminder!