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Is it Time for a New Year Review of Your Childcare Business?

We’re fast approaching the end of the year, which is often a time of reflection: what we’ve achieved, what we haven’t achieved and what we’d like to achieve in the New Year. For many, it‘s an opportunity to begin again, with fresh new ideas and a greater sense of optimism. For childcare providers, it is a time of much needed rest after a busy period and a great opportunity for a New Year review of your business.

Running your own childcare business is not for the faint-hearted; there are so many rules and regulations, as well as the constant moving of the goal-posts when it comes to delivering childcare. Plus, the 30-hour childcare initiative has stalled due to a lack of sufficient funding from the Government for the scheme, according to a survey conducted by the Pre-School Learning Alliance.

You might feel that 2018 has left you paddling water or even high and dry – perhaps you’re even considering throwing the towel in?
However, with the chance to step back and stop for a short period, you have the opportunity to explore the infrastructure of your business and, perhaps, make some much needed changes that will help you run your childcare business more effectively and efficiently.

However, be warned: it is easy to become overzealous and think that your business needs a complete overhaul. However, often all your business needs are a few tweaks in the right areas. So, first really take the time to review how your business functions – from the smallest task to the largest.

Create a list or develop a flow chart for your childcare business and consider the following questions: How does it work? What needs to be in place? What functions or tasks need to be carried out daily? Who has responsibility for this? What likely problems could arise from your business? How can you streamline tasks? The last two questions are the most important questions to consider. Not only do they help you anticipate anything and everything that could possibly go wrong, so you have a ready solution available, but they also free up your time to focus your attention on the children in your care.

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