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Managing Childcare at Christmas

Christmas is a busy time, and it can be particularly busy for childminders and nannies, once the nurseries have closed. Routines go out the window for everyone and stress levels rise.

Parents (and adults with childcare responsibilities) who depend on nurseries as their main childcare provider, struggle with childcare during the festive season. Some don’t know where to start looking and others simply leave it too late to seek out alternative childcare. Plus, the option of taking time off work is not available to many parents during the holiday season due to company policies that don’t allow employees time off in December.

It seems that parents are caught between a rock and a hard place.
Consequently, as a childminder, you might find yourself inundated with requests for temporary childcare. And this can add extra pressure: a balance between getting ready for Christmas yourself, and taking the business opportunity that this season brings. However, if carefully planned, you can find the balance between the two and avoid the logistical nightmare.

There are a number of ways you can cover yourself this Christmas and be there for those parents who are desperate for your services. Firstly, setting clear boundaries with parents is essential. Although it is not a legal requirement, having a contract that clearly states your services, expectations and procedures gives clarity and reassurance to everyone concerned.

Next, take a look at your operating hours; they might need to change over the holiday season so that you have time to meet your needs and manage your business in a way that works for you too. Let parents know what your Christmas opening times are as soon as possible, giving them time to plan around it.

Another innovative way for you to manage your Christmas and your business is to consider collaborating with other childminders or nannies in the area through a childcare share. It can create flexibility for you in terms of opening times, capacity and availability, providing a win-win opportunity for everyone, as well as meeting the needs of your client. Again, it is important to have a clear contract between you and the person you are working with to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

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