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National Children’s Day UK: Helping kids create a caring and compassionate world

When you’re a parent, or work in teaching or childcare, every day can feel like it’s all about the kids, but there’s actually a special day dedicated to celebrating them - National Children’s Day UK - which falls on Sunday May 12th this year.

The late Nelson Mandela once said: “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”, and this week the nation is being encouraged to recognise the importance of our children and how their special rights and freedoms will help them grow into happy, healthy adults.

Why is National Children’s Day UK So Important?

Wendy Ellyat is the Chief Executive of the Save Childhood Movement which is based in Cheltenham. She believes happy and healthy children create happy and healthy societies. She maintains that “if we want to create a more caring and compassionate world, we must start with children”. And yet some kids in the UK are having a really tough time dealing with issues like poverty, obesity and mental health disorders. NCDUK provides a powerful platform for people to talk about these issues and connect with others who want to find solutions to these problems.

How can I celebrate National Children’s Day UK?

NCDUK is a great opportunity for local councils, community groups, charities, childminders – anyone working with children - to celebrate them on May 12th and in the week leading up to it. Any group or organise who’re holding an event to celebrate the day has been encouraged to advertise it on social media, so keep an eye out for the hashtag #NCDUK2109 to see what’s happening near you.

If you don’t fancy venturing far with your little ones, there are plenty of ways to mark the day in your own home or childcare setting. Books, reading, arts and crafts, performing arts, sports, creativity and imagination all play a big role in NCDUK. If you want to create a special day for the children, here’s some of the activities you could plan:

  • Go to a storytelling event or hold one yourself
  • Write a story or poem together
  • Paint a big frieze or make a collage
  • Make something out of paper, wood, material, or food
  • Go to an art gallery
  • Go to a craft or pottery workshop
  • Make jewellery, pompoms, mobiles, masks, bookmarks
  • Go outside and create art from nature
  • Play silly games with children taking the lead
  • Sing your favourite song
  • Perform a dance or act out a fairy tale
  • Fly a kite
  • Have an obstacle race in the garden or set up a fun assault course

There are loads more ideas on National Childrens Day website as well as more information about NCDUK.
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