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Putting the Care Back into Childcare

The growing crisis in the childcare sector is taking its toll on individual childcare providers and their staff. Instead of focusing on doing what they love to do best, taking care of children, childcare providers are becoming bogged down with excessive paperwork and red-tape.

Not only is the care for children being diverted to mountains of paperwork and form filling, but the care for staff is also suffering. In fact, a recent survey of 2000 practitioners showed that 57% suffered with work-related anxiety, whilst 27% have experienced depression. Around a quarter of those surveyed have taken time off due to stress, workload being one of the main stressors. Consequently, this has led to staff shortages and an added pressure for childcare employers.

You might even be one of the childcare providers who is currently experiencing this? If you consider how much of your time is consumed by calculating and chasing payments, confirming bookings, making sure you have all the necessary forms filled in to comply with Government regulations, you’ll soon find the hours notching up, which will probably have you working long after the children have gone home.

As a childcare provider, your primary focus is on the children who have been placed in your care, as well as ensuring your staff are not overworked. The last thing you need is for staff members to go off sick due to work-related stress, leaving you chasing around to fill the gap. With all the pressures currently facing the childcare sector, how can you address the workload balance?

The answer can be found in technology and automation. The rapid innovation in software development has helped to manage ever increasing workloads in our expanding society. By implementing an automated system to deal with the time-consuming paperwork, you can free yourself and your staff up to focus on what you do best – care.

Automation is fast becoming the go-to for many businesses as a means of delivering an effective and efficient service. It offers consistency which means that your customers will always experience the same level of service. It produces quality as all actions are performed in the same way. Plus, it saves you time and reduces workload as you and your employees will have to perform less tasks as a result.

Imagine the impact on you, your staff and the quality of your business?

With the touch of a button, you can revolutionise your business and reduce the increasing work-related stress in your workplace.

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