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Red Nose Day, Charity and Children

The build up to Red Nose Day is here again. Thousands around the country will be doing their bit for the cause that supports children in the UK and overseas.

It’s a great opportunity for teaching children about the humanitarian values of community, support and charity. Plus, it’s easy to participate: National charity events such as Comic Relief and Red Nose Day have become well-oiled machines when it comes to creative fundraising ideas. Go to their website and you can download plenty of nursery activity packs, making it a fun day for children and staff.

However, in these times of Brexit uncertainty, some might argue that charity needs to begin and stay at home. Particularly with the funding crisis surrounding childcare and early years, many might not be feeling so charitable as they used to. Yet, one could argue that during these challenging times, it is even more important to pass on the humanitarian values of community and charity to young children. The impact has far-reaching benefits:

  1. It helps children to develop empathy for others. Young children are often unaware that other people have feelings. Participating in fundraising activities helps them focus on the needs of others and teaches them that others matter too.
  2. Giving them the ability to support others is so empowering as young children begin to discover how they can make a difference in the world.
  3. They discover the value of giving rather than simply receiving – it helps them cultivate and learn about generosity.
  4. Children experience a sense of community, contributing to the community and discover that they are part of a global community.
  5. It teaches them about diversity, different cultures and countries.
  6. It supports they wellbeing.

In theses uncertain times, the values of generosity, diversity, support, collaboration and community are needed now more than ever, because it is these values that will shape a brighter future for our children – after all, they are the leaders of tomorrow.

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