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The Challenges of Childcare in Blue January

The Christmas spirit is a distant memory and all that’s left are empty gift boxes and the cold, dark January slog. Or so it seems too many childcare providers and parents of pre-school children eligible to start nursery at this time.

It can be a really stressful time for parents who are naturally worried about their young child stepping out into a wider world where they aren’t there to look out for them. Anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed are natural emotions that many parents experience as their child starts nursery. The knock-on effect on their child can be equally overwhelming, only serving to increase their worry and anxiety too.

With a new intake, nurseries and childcare providers might feel under pressure as they try to support parents and their children with the integration process. So how can nurseries and childcare providers make this less stressful for all those concerned?

The devil is in the planning and the plan can be implemented long before the new intake set foot through the nursery doors. After all, your focus as a childcare provider is in the care and nurture of children, which often include their parents too.

Creating a booklet for parents as part of the welcome pack might go a long way to alleviating any concerns parents could have about what takes place in a nursery. Using the Early Years Learning framework as a guide, you could clearly show parents the range of skills their children will develop as a result of attending your centre. Also, consider all the possible questions and worries parents might have e.g. Does it matter that my child isn’t toilet trained?

Another great strategy for building trust and strengthening relationships with parents and carers is by inviting parents along to be part of ‘Welcome session’. It will help them experience your service first-hand and give them a clear idea of what their child can expect. However, do make sure that you are compliant with child protection policies and procedures.

Keeping parents in the loop, in real-time, also helps to reassure them. And with the new Kidscovered App technology providing real-time alerts, it’s easy to do. Plus, with its great report feature, the Kidscovered App can regularly feedback to parents about their child’s progress. Far too often there isn’t enough time to fill parents in on their child’s day, but this unique feature gives you the opportunity to fill it in on your mobile and simply send it at the touch of a button.

If you’re looking for an easier way to beat the January blues, then the Kidscovered App can help you do that.

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