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The Flu and Cold Season is Here – But We’ve Got You Covered.

Now that the colder and darker months are here, parents and childcare providers, alike, will be bracing themselves for the onslaught of the flu and cold season. Every sneeze or sniffle could herald the onset of the latest virus to dominate this winter, and for many parents, this can be a time of worry: worry about their children; taking time off work; and having a contingency plan in place in the likelihood of their child getting ill.

More and more working environments are becoming less child-friendly, frowning on those parents who have to take days off to look after their sick child(ren). For parents, this is often unavoidable; but even so, many feel the pressures of work and try to get back as soon as their child is well enough to be left with their designated childcare provider.

However, this doesn’t stop parents from worrying about whether their child is ok, or whether they sent them back to Nursery or Day Care too soon. Even more worrying for parents is being dependent on their childcare provider for administering medication to their child. There will be a myriad of thoughts running through parents’ heads.

Consequently, accurate and up-to-date medical forms are even more essential to ensure that children are receiving the right dosage, at the right time. With busy schedules, and packed nurseries, and even more children probably needing to take some form of medication due to colds and other winter viruses, as well as those children who have other medical conditions that require regular medication, it can be a daunting task that no one can afford to get wrong.

And we’ve got you covered at Kidscovered with the introduction of our new medical forms, which will be available from 1st December. Having these new medical forms as part of the app means that parents can breathe a sigh of relief as they will be filling in the details regarding medication and dosage. Because the Kidscovered app is available at a touch of button: this means that all childcare staff can have instant access to these medical records and can be certain that they are administering the right dosage and medication to a child in their care.

Everyone’s covered with the Kidscovered app. Just £1.20 per booking, per child, makes it an easy way to ease your worry and take care of your child.

To find out more about how you can incorporate this app into your childcare business, simply go to www.kidscovered.app and sign up today.