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The Holidays are coming…and it doesn’t have to be stressful

The Holidays are coming…and it doesn’t have to be stressful
It’s that time of year again and Santa’s sleigh bells can be heard in the distance whilst children’s laughter and excitement fill the air as the Christmas season begins.

Christmas is an exciting time of year, especially for children in the early years: it’s a great learning opportunity for them to explore and create Christmas magic and lasting experiences.

However, it can also be an extremely stressful and challenging time for childcare providers and parents too. The expectation surrounding Christmas continues to reach new heights: more elaborate portrayals of The Nativity spring to mind, which can be a nightmare for parents, providers and children. Far from it being a peaceful, joyous occasion, it ends up being one of upset children, who have no desire to take part; fraught parents frantically trying to pull together a makeshift donkey costume for little Tommy; and stressed practitioners who desperately try to pull it all together.

Yet, is there an alternative to a stressful celebration? Can children, parents and childcare providers experience a stress-free, less pressured festive season?

The truth of the matter is that everyone puts far too much pressure on themselves when it comes to Christmas: as a provider, you want to pull out all the stops from Christmas card making to Christmas decorations and the perfect Nativity, wishing to give children the best experience of their lives. But what if little Chole doesn’t want to make a Christmas card, but would rather be creating something else instead?

And the other stress surrounding Christmas and young children is we often get them into a habit of expecting a mountain of gifts from Santa – especially if they are good little girls and boys. How often is Santa used as a threat against children to keep them in line? This might well work in the run-up to Christmas, but afterward, what incentive do children have for behaving? And what values are we teaching our children by looking for a quick fix?

When you think about it, Christmas card making and putting on a Nativity, whilst creative, are not the only traditions that can bring Christmas alive for children. There are other deeper meanings surrounding Christmas, including the humanitarian values of caring, sharing and giving.

Perhaps it’s time to take a step back to relax and consider a more meaningful way to celebrate the Christmas festivities. It will likely have a far deeper impact on shaping children. In recent years the ‘Reverse Advent’ has become popular; rather than opening a door each day and getting chocolate or a gift, donations of food are brought in and are given to the homeless.

Alternatively, creating Christmas shoebox gifts for children in less fortunate surroundings means that they can enjoy the basics so readily available in many nurseries in the UK.

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