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Why Becoming a Childcare Provider Might be Your Only Option

The Autumn Budget might have given small businesses a reprieve by cutting business rates, but childcare providers have not been as lucky. There has been a huge outcry against the Chancellor, Philip Hammond and his decision to leave childcare providers, who are facing a funding crisis, out of the loop.

With an increasing number of childcare providers closing their doors due to a lack of funding, and more and more parents fighting for the limited childcare places that are available, options for affordable childcare are fast disappearing. So, where does that leave you if you are a parent of planning to start a family?

With the rising cost of living, the option of becoming a stay-at-home parent is only available if one partner earns at least £100,000. With the average wage for men standing at £30,535 and the average wage for women at £25,378, this leaves many families well outside the £100,000 earning capacity. Some might say that becoming a parent is now a question of affordability and practicality. And many couples find themselves with this quandary – weighing up their desire to have a family with the affordability and practicalities of childcare.

Weighing up the arguments, there is no easy answer – but there is a possible solution if you find yourself in this situation. Becoming a childcare provider might be your only option. It is an opportunity for you to earn and take care of your child at the same time, as well as meet the current childcare demand.

However, how do you even begin to go about it?

Becoming a childminder is by no means an easy option, there are a number of hurdles to jump and a lot of preparation and procedures to put into place before you can be classed as a childminder including: the disclosure barring service, Paediatric First Aid training, registering with the Early Years Register, undergoing an introductory childcare course and deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage for children on the Early Years Register.

And that’s just the basics. There is also the paperwork to consider – keeping up-to-date records of the children you care for, booking forms, medical forms, dietary requirements, invoices – the list goes on. This might prove the straw that breaks the camel’s back for some. But, fortunately for you, the Kids Covered App can be the camel on which you can rely on. The Kids Covered App takes care of all the paperwork for you with it’s easy to use automated system including: funding, voucher payments and App payments. It is the only end-to-end childcare software suite that helps you run your business, effectively and efficiently.

And you can try before you buy. Simply go to Kids Covered for your free 30-day trial. And it gets better; even after the trial period, you are left with an affordable cost of £1+VAT per child, per booking, so you can continue to build your business with ease.